Our Story

The Central Florida Biomedical Instrumentation Society, CFBIS, was reestablished in April 2017 after a sabbatical as the newest Chapter of the Florida Biomedical Society. After recognizing a desire for much needed revitalization within our local network and after much discussion and planning, our current 2018 President and Webmaster, Edward Reyes and Carlos Villafañe, met with others in the community to discuss the possibility to creating an environment where HTM professionals in Central Florida could gather and discuss productive advancements in HTM and spend time with others - learning about different practices and programs held throughout different shops. They initially wanted to bring about a change in the community as a whole - build a strong foundation of local vendor relationships, expand and grow the profession by introducing a conduit of fresh education and reestablish a new means of communication across Biomed shops across Central Florida.


Biomedical Society's Objectives:

  • To promote, encourage and advance the training of Biomedical Professionals.
  • To offer guidance and suggestions to those persons and organizations involved with biomedical education, certification, and employment.
  • To cooperate with and assist all persons and organizations who are interested in the betterment of the Biomedical Profession.
  • To disseminate ideas and solutions to problems to its membership.
  • To assist members in the growth and development of their biomedical programs by regular exchange of information, ideas, and experience through training programs and symposiums.
  • To establish contact and promote better communication between manufactures and Biomedical Instrumentation Departments.
  • To promote improved understanding and cooperation with institutional administrations.

2019 - 2020 Board Members

Meet your elected board members for 2019-2020!

Vahid Majidi, Active CFBIS President

Jennifer Vazquez, Active Secretary / Treasurer / State Representation