Meet the 2018 CFBIS Board

Edward Reyes

2018 CFBIS President


Florida Hospital

Jennifer Vazquez

2018 CFBIS Secretary

UHS / Orlando Health

Luis Galarza, CHTM, CBET

2018 CFBIS Treasurer

Clinical Engineering Program Manager

GE Healthcare

Carlos Villafañe, CBET

Webmaster / FBS Representative


Biomedical Society's Objectives:

  • To promote, encourage and advance the training of Biomedical Professionals.
  • To offer guidance and suggestions to those persons and organizations involved with biomedical education, certification, and employment.
  • To cooperate with and assist all persons and organizations who are interested in the betterment of the Biomedical Profession.
  • To disseminate ideas and solutions to problems to its membership.
  • To assist members in the growth and development of their biomedical programs by regular exchange of information, ideas, and experience through training programs and symposiums.
  • To establish contact and promote better communication between manufactures and Biomedical Instrumentation Departments.
  • To promote improved understanding and cooperation with institutional administrations.

Our Story

CFBIS was reestablished in April 2017 as a chapter of the Florida Biomedical Society.  Come back soon for more details!

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