Why Sponsor CFBIS?

  • Opportunity to showcase current technologies, services and products to technicians, students and hospital staff within Central FL in one central location,
  • Networking opportunities, new leads and new friends,
  • Paid advertisement on the CFBIS page and other social media outlets, and
  • Delivery of contributions to HTM community

Interested? See below for possible means of sponsorship.

Need more information/Interested in Sponsorship?

Please inquire of open meeting availability from active CFBIS Secretary as well as other useful information pertaining to Chapter schedule.

Meeting Sponsorship

Meetings are normally held quarterly, on the third Thursday of the month, where we engage with different companies to talk about new technologies, services and products. Meetings can be held at a number of locations in Central FL to accommodate both members and vendors attending.


  • Projector for use during presentation, if applicable
  • Full hour “talk time”
  • Leads from our membership by request, and
  • Company recognition as a prior sponsor on our Chapter’s website

Corporate Sponsorship

A renewable sponsorship which includes:

  • Advertisement/links on all social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Chapter Website) for any services and promotions current and preexisting,
  • Universal recognition within society,
  • Continual invitations to all CFBIS meetings and outings,
  • Leads on related business and access to up-to-date membership within the Chapter, and
  • All benefits befitting a normal meeting sponsorship.

State Corporate Sponsorship

A renewable sponsorship which includes:

  • Corporate Membership for the Florida Biomedical Society (FBS)
  • Space for advertising in the FBS Newsletter
  • Recognition as a state sponsor of FBS
  • Business Link on CFBIS & FBS Websites
  • Contacts and referrals through networking with HTM professionals throughout the State, and
  • All benefits befitting a normal meeting sponsorship.


Submitting a Donation?

Because CFBIS is a non-profit, membership-based organization, donations are what drives our organization to accomplish goals of community outreach, meeting investments and local charity funds. In order to spread the word about HTM and biomeds, we do not make it a requirement for individuals to donate to the organization. However, if you so desire to make a donation to our cause, please feel free to take advantage of the link below. Thank you.